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Using USB pendrive (at least 1 GB) take a look at the USB Howto page Using the regular installation DVD may be problematic when putting it on USB flash drives. Recommended for resource limited netbooks To create and customize Fedora (Create Custom "Spins") you need to use this guide Latest stable Fedora release updated fully.Unless the model listed is completely green, expect to be fixing things.I’ve had the flagship 701 model with 4GB of solid-state disk space and a 0.3MP (300,000 pixel) webcam.

On the Asus Eee PC line of computers, you can enter the boot-menu by pressing the Esc-key when you start the computer.I figured this wouldn’t be a problem, I’d just go to the Asus support site and grab the image.Its linux, right, should be able to get the firmware images easily from the manufacturer, right? I the official com support site looking for what I needed: at the other end of the search I can honestly say I found zero useful material or info there.Last year, Asus rocked the UMPC world with their announcement of a small, ultra-portable laptop – for only 0.Several revisions, image leaks, speculative reports, and price increases later, the eee PC line was officially released – with 0 added to price tag and 512MB RAM pulled from the default specs.

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This drive can be a CD, a DVD, a USB or an SD card.

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