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These days, the dad is expected to play a vital role during the birth (massaging his partner’s back, saying words of encouragement without becoming annoying) and to prepare him for such we have the National Childbirth Trust.

So instead of going to the pub after work on a Friday night, modern man sits around in a communal circle and talks about breast feeding.

It is pretty subtle but there is noticeable difference between early Halle and new Halle.

This Years Model is a brand new website that features the most amazing girls next door, and these girls are real!

Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, is sooo busy right now!You probably love high quality pictures and videos, but did you know you can actually chat with these girls and have your own fun?Featuring models like Dawson Miller, Aspen Parker, Michelle, Destiny Moody and much more!She's very talkative throughout this video and her voice is very sexy.Chalk up another victory for the European union of busty girls.

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  1. The other day he was over and decided to scrub my sink, my microwave, did I mention he is very anal about things? I've had this experience more with older men than younger ones. He wouldn't let me dance of the dance floor when we went to the club. I told mom that I had to leave early to come back home, but I didn't tell her the reason... If someone tries to control you - run away as fast as you can - cause it ain't love.