Dating to diapers

That seems like yesterday, and yet here you are, standing 6'4" and a young's an odd thing for a mom to see her "baby" so big. You know who you are, and you stand firm in your convictions. "Sunshine" is fitting ;) "Hurry" isn't in your vocabulary, and while that sometimes makes me crazy, it's a sign of your wisdom. This book allows you, as a parent, to guide how you want to incorporate your values while still giving your children accurate information.It's definitely for parents of children of all ages, as the author believes that there shouldn't be one "big talk" but rather many little tidbits educating a child throughout their life.

While one is finishing preschool another is finishing high school.

The book points out teachable moments and provides a list of age-appropriate resources for children.

I've found that I've become more awkward in discussing sex as my children get older, and this book helped me to find a more comfortable approach again.

The author provides different scenarios so that no topic seems to tough to discuss.

17 years ago at am you came into this world on a sweltering summer day just like today, and have been nothing but a joy since.

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