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After hooking up with more women than he can possibly remember (see some of Dan's photos on his Google profile here), Dan is now in a committed relationship with his perfect woman.

Do you think they have time to read all these messages? So here are a couple of my favorite online dating tips to help you get started:1.

A renowned 5 week intensive course to completely revamp you.

Over 30 hours of personal coaching, covering everything, with weekly consistency to maximise your growth and to change your dating life and confidence for good – Click here for more information A one hour Skype (audio) discussion on your dating life and lifestyle. If you want to improve all areas of your life, become an overall more confident, well balanced, greater version of yourself take action and do the Mega. Manic is awesome, super friendly and very knowledgeable…

In your first 10 words to her, you need to convey commonality and relate through shared interests.

I know what you are thinking: "Emyli, does this mean I need to read through her entire profile? Most dating sites have an "interests" section - just scroll there to do some quick recon work. Then back it up with your favorite is and why, so she knows you aren't full of it.

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