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Sentences that mention Auto Archive and Outlook Data Files (.pst) are marked with an icon of a file cabinet .If your organization doesn’t deploy these products or features, these sentences can be disregarded without impacting the overall document and work flow.Outlook 2010 is a tool to help you manage your email messages, calendar, contacts, and tasks.As such, it’s at the center of not only your communications but also your time-management.Also the name is there for wide and medium tiles, but gone for small ones, making it difficult to tell which is which. Stick them in a folder where they are smaller and the name comes back.Oh, and it would be really nice if my Microsoft Windows Phone could access my Microsoft O365 business account.This guide represents our advice on how to get the most out of Outlook 2010. A few core scenarios are covered to help you leverage Outlook into your information management needs.This guide is intended for people who: Sentences prefaced with the Office 2010 logo are references to other Microsoft Office 2010 products, such as Microsoft One Note 2010, and Microsoft Share Point Server.

In that case, you’ll have to rename the “INBOX” part of the label to “Inbox” in the Gmail web interface and restart Outlook. Well, if you are also often using the web interface of Gmail and are a heavy user of Labels, I’d say it is not very useful at all.

Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.

Users with POP3 or IMAP accounts who created accounts using their own email address, to sync just their calendar and contacts have noticed a problem after their account was migrated to the new server and opened in Outlook 2016: all replies use the account, not the account that downloaded the message.

Trying to create a subfolder for the Inbox folder will then result in the following error; Note: This is only required for any folder which should be a direct subfolder of the Inbox folder.

Any subsequent subfolders can be directly created in Outlook without errors.

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