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These stories are built upon funny characters, situations and events.A comedy anime is laced with humour and sets out to provoke laughter from the audience.

Live chat is a way of connecting with people -- there she's called "Yuna" (Horikita Maki). She soon falls into debt and tries to survive by working part time at a night club and holding other extra jobs.They decide they need to hire an average lawyer, at a minimal salary, that will take care of these small cases and not complain.That's why the law firm hires Hanamura Daisuke (Yusuke Santamaria)..handle these minor cases.Last week, the anticipated live action drama Death Note premiered, also via live stream internationally through Crunchyroll.Since some series already started airing, what have you watched and/ or planning to watch?

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Kentaro Shiba (Takanori Jinnai) works as a veterinarian and he runs Shiba Veterinary Clinic in Tokyo.

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