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Twitter will allow you to change the username field (for some mysterious and unknown reason) but if you enter a username other than one you're logged into you'll later see an error stating "Unable to save your widget, please check your inputs." An error apparently written by a robot from a 1950s Scifi Film.

You can change the height of the feed (the default of 600 is a little tall) and switch from the Light theme to a Darker one should it better suit your fancy.

Start G is a Chrome extension that integrates your Facebook and Twitter feed in your Google stream and lets you post updates to either or both from your Google page.

It also makes sure you know when you’ve got new mail by adding a notification next to the Gmail link in the Google bar.

You might be one among many others to join in on Google Plus but leaving your Facebook world behind might not be so easy especially if all or most of your friends have remained faithful to it.

These steps are specific to OS X Yosemite, but this hack can be accomplished on earlier OS versions.

Twitter provides an easy to use widget generator so you can share all your recent tweets with visitors to your site.

Watch the short video below that uses Weebly customer as an example of how to add a Twitter feed of your own to a site, and/or scroll down to read the article that follows.

Very easy to add a feed of youtube, facebook, instagram and more…, i’m gonna buy the premium version, so the facebook photos opens in a popup slideshow. many social platforms in one plugin, just add the shortcode to your textfield and it’s done ! it just works ( great job guys ) It took me quite a while to get the plugin up and running.

I had to google a number of items to get all the information I needed.

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