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The First Alert 120VAC Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup works exceptionally well in detecting flaming fires.Capable of wiring directly into your home's electrical system, these alarms feature a near effortless installation process.The combination of a Battery Backup that provides optimal protection in the event of a power outage and an increased emphasis on the unit's 85d output establish the ultimate in peace of mind.This alarm comes with a 10 year limited warranty and complies with UL217 Standards.The Alarm can be positioned over the bracket every 120°. When you are finished, restore power to the junction box. Restoring power before installation is complete may result in serious electrical shock, injury or death. If all connections are correct and the Green power indicator still does not light when you restore the power, the unit should be replaced immediately. Interconnected Alarms: Press and hold the Test/Silence button until the unit alarms. The other Alarms sounding only tests the interconnect signal between Alarms. You must test each Alarm individually to check if the Alarm is functioning properly. If any unit in the series does not alarm, TURN OFF POWER and recheck connections. Smoke will not be able to reach smoke sensor while cover is in place. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR INTERCONNECTED SMOKE ALARMS WARNING!

Interconnects with up to 12 other First Alert® or BRK® hardwired alarms.

Hardwired smoke detectors are wired directly into your homes electrical system. Battery backup ensures alarm works even during power outages.

Mute feature silences nuisance alarms from cooking smoke or shower steam and single button tests alarm functions.

You can rest assured that Smoke Alarms Australia's technicians will replace hard wired alarms if they are faulty or expired.

They deem a smoke alarm to be faulty when it does not respond to a function test by spraying ionised smoke.

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